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Birdhouse D.I.Y. & Spring Decor

Hey All! I’m back from my almost 5-month blogging hiatus. Life gets crazy! Are you ready for a long post?

Last semester (Fall 2015) I took 19 credit hours. For my friends who haven’t had a college experience or who are so far out of college that the words “credit hours” are a distant memory, this means that I spend 19 hours per week inside the classroom. No big deal, right? Except that my university has a policy that for every 1hour spent in the classroom, students should spend 2hours outside of the classroom studying or doing work for the class. Technically, not every professor follows this. It’s more like a guideline than a hard-and-fast rule. But nevertheless, the professors for this past Fall semester felt compelled to assign seemingly endless amounts of work. Long story short, I got zero sleep, spent minimal time with family and friends, and was 100% focused on my classes.

I’m an optimist. So, I’m not going to say that I was completely miserable until after Christmas Break. But I will say that it wasΒ not. fun.

The up side of all of this is that a ton of classes = a ton of new learning! I am on track to graduate early, and this Spring semester is almost relaxing in comparison to the Fall. It feels great to have some free time again so I can get back to doing things I love!

Let’s get on to the Spring decor πŸ™‚

Our home is mostly decorated with warm neutrals. When we moved in almost 3 years ago, we bought a 5-gallon bucket of tan paint and went crazy. The living room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room are all a warm sand color. Some rooms have accent walls for variation, but I mostly decorate depending on the season and/or upcoming holidays. I amΒ so ready for Winter to be finished, and I’m helping it to step out the door by brightening up our home with some Spring colors. Let’s think pastels and soft, blended neutrals. These are my favorites πŸ™‚

I started by purchasing some new bright yellow pillows for the couch. Since that is the main focus of our living area, new pillows alone helps to add some noticeable color. I have a few favorite vases left from flower arrangements given to us in the past. These are easy to fill up with some bright flowers from the Dollar Tree. Who else loves that store?! Everything’s $1; what’s not to love?

I try to choose colors and items which will transfer into the Summer season too. I like to decorate, but this girl is on a budget.

Next is my little birdhouse. I love this cute decoration! I have to say that I found the inspiration on Pinterest. But as soon as I got to Hobby Lobby to pick out materials, it was very easy to tweak the design and make it my own. Here’s where the D.I.Y. begins!


Here are some of my supplies, including the aqua coloredΒ mini bucket and fake flowers I used to create an arrangement to go along with the birdhouse. The list includes:

  • your choice of acrylic paint colors + paintbrushes
  • pre-made wooden birdhouse (or you can make your own if you’re talented)
  • a sturdy candlestick
  • hot glue gun + glue stick

We’ll start with the floral arrangement. It’s super easy, especially since I only chose to use one type of flower. You can choose any flowers you like!


Start by bending all of the stems outward. Then, cut the green plastic part of the stems. Your scissors shouldn’t cut through the metal wire inside. Gently bend each stem back and forth a couple times until it snaps.


All that’s left to do is to put the flowers in the container and move them around to make it look balanced. Easy peasy πŸ™‚ You can thank Chloe for the dog hair on my table. This is just a reality in our house, what can I say?


Now get your birdhouse ready by putting a white coat of paint all over. If you don’t have white paint, any neutral color will do the job. This just helps provide a base and make the rest of your colors look brighter and soak into the wood a little less.


Next, decide what sections of your birdhouse you’re going to paint which colors. I struggled with mine because I didn’t have a paintbrush small enough to get into the tiny nooks in the bird design. I began by trying to avoid getting blue paint on my white bird, but I ended up getting blue all over and just covering it up. Oh well; it just adds character, right? After the blue, I added grey to the roof and the bottom scallop layer.


Once the paint is dried you can put a clear top coat on the birdhouse to protect the paint. Since this is going to sit on a cabinet in my kitchen, I didn’t think it needed protecting. the paint would be easy to touch up if needed in the future. The final step is to center the candlestick on the bottom of the birdhouse. Apply hot glue to the flat edge of the candlestick and hold it onto the birdhouse. For extra strength, you can also place hot glue on the edges of the connection between the candlestick and the base of the birdhouse. I would recommend this is the decoration is within reach of children or pets. Let’s be honest, some way and some how just about everything is in reach of kids/cats/dogs/etc.

I finished my Spring decorating by creating this canvas art for the living room. In Christ Alone is Cody’s favorite praise & worship song, and I knew he would love to see the lyrics in our home.

I started by mixing white and aqua acrylic paint to make a very light and subtle blue. This provided the base color for the canvas. Then, I mixed up a few shades of pink with red, white, pink, and grey. I dabbed the brush around to create a floral pattern, then allowed it to dry.

Once the paint is dry enough to lean on it with your hands, it’s safe to write on. For the hand-lettering, I used Sharpie Brush markers. Cody bought me a big multi-color pack of these on Amazon and IΒ love love love them! I have been writing on everything lately. I used two shades of green markers to create the vines and leaves. Then I free-wrote the lyric onto the canvas and drew the branch flourishes around it to round out the look.

In Christ Alone Canvas

This has made the perfect addition to our walls! I really love it. The words, the look, and the colors. It’s lop-sided and uneven with a bunch of imperfections, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

I want to hear from you in the comments – What is your favorite way to brighten up your home for Spring? What are some of your helpful decorating secrets? Let’s hear it! πŸ™‚


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