New Design Changes!

I have ~exciting~ news that you have probably already noticed! I’ve been working hard to redesign the appearance of Whimsically Warm, and I’m in love with the new look! Since I began blogging almost a year ago (say whaaat!?) I have had an image in my mind of exactly what I wanted Whimsically Warm’s branding and design to look like, and until now I haven’t been able to come close.

With a lot of help from Lilah Higgins over at The Higgins Creative, I’ve learned a ton about branding – the why’s, the who’s, and the what’s! If you’re a blogger or a small business owner (yep, even online business!) then take her email course and join her #WakeToMake Facebook group! It will change the way you think about your brand’s style and online presence.

Whimsically Warm’s new look may not be perfect – I could pick it apart and find a bunch of things wrong with it. But, I think that right now it is exactly what I want it to be! I don’t need a fancy custom designed high-price-tag blog, because it’s just not there yet. I’m still working on some new design changes as well, but here’s what new now. You’ll notice that I’ve added a new floral header to the main page of the blog, and honestly, this is my favorite part! I downloaded and installed the header and used the color scheme from Pish and Posh’s freebie section, then added my own name and font to the design. I also created my own custom polka dot background, which I have wanted for so long! You’ll notice some changes in the sidebar as well. I’ve added an Etsy button which links directly to my shop, and you can now find my on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest from the social media buttons at the bottom on the sidebar.

I’m loving the new look and all of its parts because it represents Whimsically Warm so well! At the heart of my purpose for beginning this blog and business is to bring joy to people through beautiful things that remind us of Jesus’s love. The “whimsical” part the blog name reminds me that when our hearts belong to God, we can be carefree and glad, no matter our circumstance, because God took care of our eternity already! The “warm” part of the name reminds me of the comfort we receive from Jesus, knowing that we are not subject to condemnation and that we are forever loved. The polka dots, florals, and soft pink color scheme of my new design meshes right into the Whimsically Warm name, and aside from just being pretty, it too reminds me of the joy and comfort that God brings into my life. God inspires my creativity because when you look around at what He has created (everything) how can you resist marveling at Him and His beautiful works?

To celebrate my pretty blog re-vamp (and the fact that you’ve read this far :)), I’m offering  15% off all purchases in the shop through Saturday, 8/6! Use the code CELEBRATE15 at checkout to get your discount!


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