DIY Pretzel Pillow


I’m super excited to share this DIY pretzel pillow with you! How cute is this thing?! I made this for my sister-in-law Kate’s 17th birthday. She has a brand new bedroom to decorate and I think she loves the pillow! It will make the perfect quirky addition to her cute grey & turquoise room.

Okay, on to the tutorial. At the time that I made this (2 weeks ago), I didn’t have a sewing machine, so I did all the stitching by hand. Yes, this project requires sewing but I promise it’s not hard! Cody surprised me with a shiny new (-to-me) sewing machine  as an early birthday gift, and that certainly would have made this project less time-consuming, but it’s totally doable with one.

Here’s what you will need:
1 yard of brown fabric – I used 100% cotton, but you can choose whatever fabric you prefer.
scissors or a rotary cutter
thread to match the fabric
1 bag of poly-fil stuffing
wooden kitchen spoon
sewing needle
small sheet of white felt
hot glue gun + glue

First, you’ll want to lay your fabric out on a large flat surface. I used my kitchen table 🙂 Be sure to unfold the fabric all the way! Cut 2 sections of your fabric – they will be the entire length of the fabric, and about 8 inches wide. I used my rotary cutter for this, but scissors work well too. Next, lay the two strips of fabric end to end (short ends touching), and sew them together. Now flip the whole thing over so the right side is facing up.

Your fabric should lay just as shown in the last picture. Now, fold the whole section in half lengthwise (hotdog style 🙂 ) Here’s the super tedious FUN part. Stitch the entire length of the fabric together, creating a very long tube. As you work your way down the length of the fabric, turn the tube inside out as you go. Don’t wait until the end to turn it inside out – you’ll regret it!

Once you turn the tube inside out and it’s all stitched up, it’s time to stuff it! Using your wooden kitchen spoon, stuff Poly-fil into the tube from each end into the center. It helps to fold the ends of the fabric down over itself, shortening the length of the tube. Do this from both ends, and be sure to fit as much stuffing as possible in there! You want your pillow nice and full. Once it’s full, fold the fabric over on each end of the tube and stitch it closed.

By now you should have a long fabric tube filled with stuffing. Arrange it into a pretzel, and put a couple stitches in the following areas to secure it: PretzelPillowHERE

Stitches in these areas will ensure that the pretzel will keep looking like a pretzel for a while. Here’s the easiest (and last) step: just cut little white tiles of felt and hot glue them onto the pretzel wherever you think they look best! Spread them out and make sure the whole thing is covered. And you’re done! Enjoy your fun new pillow 🙂



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