DIY Key Hooks

Do you recognize this scenario?

Husband, trying to leave for (insert work, store, meeting, party, etc.), possibly running late, looking frantically around the house for his keys. He’s looking in some crazy places. In the fridge, under the mail, on the bathroom counter, in the couch cushions (okay so that one isn’t too far off the mark..) all while yelling “Honey, have you seen my keys? I swear I put them _____!” And, of course, I don’t know where his keys are either. So I reply “Um, I don’t know, they’re probably where you left them?” because I think I’m funny.

This is exactly the scene that prompted this project. Some DIYs you do because they’re cute or festive, but some just need done to save you the energy and exasperation of spending 10 minutes searching the house for some car keys. So, here we go.


Here is what you will need:

  • a picture frame (any size will do; I used a certificate frame which is 8.5×11)
  • paint in your desired color + a brush
  • 2 pieces of burlap (enough to cover the back of the frame insert and overlap about 1/2 inch)
  • scissors or a rotary cutter
  • 4 Command hooks (less or more if doing a different size)
  • craft brads
  • hot glue gun
  • OPTIONAL: small piece of scrap fabric, black fabric marker


Start by painting your frame and the back of the cardboard insert. I wanted a neutral look, so I chose an off-white chalk paint. It’s important to paint the insert so the cardboard color doesn’t show through the spaces in the burlap. Don’t worry about painting the insert perfectly 🙂


Next we’ll attach the burlap pieces to the insert. Arrange them so there are no spaces and it covers the entire surface, overlapping about 1/2 inch in the middle. Using your hot glue gun, secure the burlap on the edges. DO NOT glue the middle crease together yet! That will come later 🙂

Then poke the brads through the cardboard in each of the corners. These aren’t totally necessary if you glued correctly, but I think they look nice and add a little extra support for the burlap.

Now flip the insert over so the back side is facing upward. Trim off any excess burlap so it’s even with the edge.


Here is what your insert should look like when finished:


Now take your hooks and arrange them how you want them on the insert. I spaced mine about 1.25 inches apart. Making sure they are straight and level with each other, you can slip them under the lip of the burlap in the middle and secure them with the sticky pads that come with the hooks. Once they are secured, slip the metal part of the hook into the spaces in the burlap. The backs of the hooks shouldn’t be visible, as they are placed under the burlap. Now that the hooks are in place, hot glue the crease in the middle.

You can now place the insert into the frame and hang it up if you don’t want the “keys” label on the finished project. If you do want the label, use your fabric marker to write the word(s) on the scrap piece of fabric. Then fold the edges over on each side of the scrap piece to make a clean edge. Hot glue this onto the burlap surface.


Hang your new key hooks in a convenient spot, and rejoice because you never have to search the house for those pesky keys again! Disclaimer: the key hooks only solve the original problem if you actually use it… We’re still working on that 🙂


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